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Gainey Ranch Scottsdale is at the center of North Central Scottsdale in conjunction with the Hyatt Regency Gainey Ranch Resort and the 27-hole Gainey Ranch Golf Club. Built in the late 1980's, the 560-acre plot of land was once an Arabian horse ranch and is now home to 1,035 residents. There are a total of 19 neighborhoods that makeup the framework of Gainey Ranch. All the neighborhoods in Gainey Ranch are guard-gated 24 hours a day. At the entrance to Gainey Ranch is a shopping village that has upscale boutiques and exclusive restaurants. Some of the community amenities include: The Estate Club, with a croquet court, several lighted tennis courts with a pro shop, fitness facility and lap pool. Residents can also enjoy a walk or bike ride along the landscaped paths of the Community Town Center. Gainey Ranch is well known for its three 9-hole golf courses. These being: The Lakes, The Arroyo and The Dunes. Only Gainey Ranch members, their guests and guests at the Gainey Ranch Hyatt Hotel are allow to golf on these exquisite courses.

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Gainey Ranch homes for sale can appeal to everyone - from condos of the Courts to the Estates of Vaquero. Most 2 bedroom condos range from the high $200's to mid $400's. Single family homes in Gainey Ranch start around $600K for a 1,700 square foot 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. Should the Gainey Ranch real estate market be of interest to you and if you would like a more detailed analysis of homes on the market, please contact us so we can help address your specific needs and concerns. We take pride in exceeding your expectations and would take privilege in the opportunity to meet with you and consult with you on the Gainey Ranch market.

Gainey Ranch Market Update (First Half 2014)

by Brandon on August 13, 2014

Gainey Ranch Market Update First Half 2014Gainey Ranch is a community located in Scottsdale, Arizona next door to Paradise Valley and the renowned McCormick Ranch. If you own a property in Gainey Ranch and want to know how the local market is doing, or if you are looking to purchase a home in Gainey Ranch, this page will help you answer the question: is now a good time to buy or sell?

If you are a prospective home seller, get a rough estimate of what your Gainey Ranch home is worth by multiplying the average price-per-square-foot by the total number of square-feet in your home. If you would like a full Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for your Gainey Ranch home, fill out this form.

If you are a prospective buyer, take a look at the price trends to see where the local Gainey Ranch market is headed, and if the market is neutral, favoring buyers, or favoring sellers. To see all the available real estate for sale in Gainey Ranch, click here.

p.s. all the charts and graphs below are interactive, so you can hover over & click individual points to get more details

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These stats and numbers reflect how the Gainey Ranch real estate market as a WHOLE has done during the first six months of 2014. In other words, we’re not breaking the data down into smaller bites, but we do get into that below, such as looking at individual price segments, as well as breaking out condos, townhouses, and single family homes to evaluate each property type.

Gainey Ranch Sales

Total: 34
Busiest Month: May, 8 sales
Slowest Month: January, 4 sales

Gainey Ranch $/SQFT (January – June 2014)

Average: $282.87/sqft
Highest: $427.78/sqft
Lowest: $201.31/sqft
Median: $268.72/sqft

Gainey Ranch Sold Prices (January – June 2014)

Average Sold Price: $671,984
Highest Sold Price: 1,725,000
Lowest Sold Price: 185,000
Median Sold Price: $595,000

Gainey Ranch Days on Market (DOM) (January – June 2014)

Average: 136 days
Highest: 379 days
Lowest: 0 days
Median: 110 days

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Map of All Sales in the First Half of 2014

The above map plots out all 34 of the real estate sales that occurred in Gainey Ranch between January & June 2014. Feel free to click on any of the stars to get additional information on the subject property. This map includes the various Gainey Ranch subdivisions as well, such as Enclave, Legend, Greens, and others.

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List of All Sales in the First Half of 2014

This lists all the sales that have occurred in Gainey Ranch (a Scottsdale community) during the first half of 2014. This table is interactive, so you can sort by any column, as well as search within the table to particular keywords.

Sold $
7339 E VAQUERO DR5024102$595,0002,122$280.402022 / 2.501998
7527 E SUNNYVALE DR5062433$487,0002,122$229.50772 / 2.501998
7321 E DEL ACERO DR5026236$445,0001,712$259.921203 / 2.001998
8989 N GAINEY CENTER 109 DR4969026$595,0002,047$290.662453 / 3.001994
7705 E Doubletree Ranch 5 RD4999391$1,042,5002,437$427.781792 / 3.001991
7385 E DEL ACERO DR5009389$689,0002,564$268.72923 / 3.001999
7487 E SUNNYVALE DR4985231$685,0002,564$267.161573 / 3.001998
7463 E SUNNYVALE DR5072495$740,0002,564$288.61483 / 3.001998
7878 E Gainey Ranch 23 RD5014956$920,0003,840$239.581373 / 3.501986
8989 N GAINEY CENTER 108 DR4907603$430,0002,113$203.503113 / 3.001994
7222 E GAINEY RANCH 122 RD5074501$445,0001,656$268.71922 / 3.001990
8777 N 73rd WAY5083513$970,0003,472$279.38483 / 2.501998
7281 E DEL ACERO DR5083660$525,0002,036$257.85202 / 2.501998
7289 E DEL ACERO DR5043785$475,0002,218$214.151392 / 3.001998
7222 E Gainey Ranch 115 RD5053612$470,0001,776$264.6422 / 2.001991
7705 E Doubletree Ranch 13 RD4970141$1,100,0002,673$411.522013 / 2.501991
7425 E Gainey Ranch 42 RD4975036$735,0003,209$229.041663 / 2.501992
8989 N GAINEY CENTER 223 DR5012778$699,9001,970$355.271223 / 2.001994
7710 E GAINEY RANCH 152 RD5053902$280,0001,256$222.92402 / 2.501987
7222 E Gainey Ranch 118 RD5038690$480,0001,776$270.27922 / 2.001991
9830 N 79TH PL4925102$790,5503,927$201.313393 / 2.501994
7700 E GAINEY RANCH 112 RD5071464$552,5001,795$307.79402 / 2.001989
8761 N 73RD WAY5042769$880,0003,356$262.21504 / 3.001998
7279 E SAN ALFREDO DR4990354$585,0002,154$271.592132 / 2.501999
7760 E GAINEY RANCH 9 RD4911997$849,0002,196$386.613793 / 3.001986
7272 E GAINEY RANCH 29 RD5056894$572,0001,544$370.46912 / 2.001986
7525 E GAINEY RANCH 149 RD5010149$665,0002,438$272.762203 / 2.501986
7710 E GAINEY RANCH 208 RD5106773$185,000785$235.66282 / 1.001986
7710 E GAINEY RANCH 139 RD5058482$240,000954$251.57952 / 2.001986
7525 E Gainey Ranch 156 RD4994974$725,0002,438$297.372203 / 3.001987
7705 E Doubletree Ranch 55 RD5074345$425,0001,765$240.791002 / 2.001994
7425 E GAINEY RANCH 49 RD5100411$1,300,0004,042$321.62253 / 4.001994
7525 E GAINEY RANCH 107 RD5055971$545,0002,294$237.583303 / 2.501993
7878 E GAINEY RANCH 61 RD5124182$1,725,0004,956$348.0604 / 5.501989

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Sales by Month

This bar chart shows how many of each property type sold each month from January through June 2014. January definitely turned out to be a slow month, with a slight rebound in February, but the strongest two months for sales volume were May & June.

How did each dwelling type in Gainey Ranch stack up against each other? Here are the key numbers for each.

Total Sales
Avg. Sold $
Avg. $/SQFT
Avg. DOM
Single Family18$834,3922,932$284.54144

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Gainey Ranch Condos

The above graph shows a couple data sets. The first being the average price-per-square-foot for Gainey Ranch condos that sold during the first half of the year. The second data set shows what the average was month-to-month. The first four months were strong, over $300/sqft, but that fell a bit during May & June. While the month-to-month data is good to look at, keep in mind that with only 4 condo sales occurring during this time-frame, the data points may be somewhat exaggerated. That’s why we give you the 6-month average line at $304.76/sqft because it smooths out some of that exaggeration.

One positive that Gainey Ranch condos have over other dwelling types is that the average days on market (DOM) are significantly lower, at only 71 days. That’s less than half the DOM compared to townhouses and single family properties.

The average sold price for Gainey Ranch condos is $419,350. And the average condo size is 1,376-square-feet.

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Gainey Ranch Townhouses

The above graph shows a couple data sets. The first being the average price-per-square-foot for Gainey Ranch townhouses that sold during the first half of 2014 ($273.57/sqft). The second data set shows what the average was on a month-to-month basis. The first two months were a little soft ($40+/sqft under the 6-month average). Alternatively, April was a standout month with an average price-per-square-foot over $340.

In total, there were 12 townhouse sales between January & June 2014.

The six-month average days on market (DOM) for Gainey Ranch townhouses for the first half of 2014 is 145 days, over double that of Gainey Ranch condos, and one-day more than single family homes.

The average sold price for Gainey Ranch townhouses is $512,583. And the average townhouse size is 1,874-square-feet, which is almost 500-square-feet larger than Gainey Ranch condos.

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Gainey Ranch Single Family Homes

The red line in the graph above shows the 6-month average price-per-square-foot for Gainey Ranch single family houses ($284.54/sqft); and the blue line shows the average on a month-to-month basis. January and April represent the weakest months, and June the high (14.55% higher than the April low).

In total, there were 18 single family house sales between January & June 2014.

The six-month average days on market (DOM) for Gainey Ranch houses for the first half of 2014 is 144 days, more than double that of Gainey Ranch condos, and one-day less than townhouses.

The average sold price for Gainey Ranch townhouses is $834,392. And the average townhouse size is 2,932-square-feet, which is double that of Gainey Ranch condos.

One peculiar note is how opposite townhouses & condos are to single family detached houses. If you compare the three graphs above, you will see that the lowest point for townhouses/condos was the high point for single family, and vice versa.

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Sales by Month

This chart shows how many real estate properties were sold by price segment. Most of the first half were solid months, except January which was unusually slow and April which underperformed compared to the surrounding months.

This table splits Gainey Ranch into three price segments to give you an idea of how each segment performs compared to the others.

Total Sales
Avg. Sold $
Avg. $/SQFT
Avg. DOM
Under $500k11$396,5451,648$240.56100
Over $700k12$981,4213,259$301.13149

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$/SQFT (Under $500k vs $500k-$699k vs. $700k+)

The blue line at $282.87/sqft represents the 6-month average price-per-square-foot, encompassing all properties sold in Gainey Ranch.

The red line shows the monthly average price-per-square-foot, and again, encompassing all price levels in Gainey Ranch.

The orange, green, and purple lines show the price-per-square-foot for each of the three price segments.

As you can see from the line graph, April was a positive month across the board for an increase in $/SQFT. But if you compare it with the Sales chart above, you will see that April was the second slowest month for sales. The following month, May, it’s the opposite. The $/SQFT drops, but Sales jump up, and the average DOM (chart below) also drop.

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Days on Market (Under $500k vs $500k-$699k vs. $700k+)

Follow the red line and you will notice a bit of downward pressure in May & June, both of which are good signals for for home sellers.

The blue line, representing the 6-month average DOM is at 136 days, about 4.5 months.

The green line ($500k-$699k) really jumps up in June, but keep in mind, only 1-sale occurred in that price range, so the increase is likely a bit exaggerated.

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Effect of a Private Pool

How much does a pool effect the sales price of a Gainey Ranch property in Scottsdale, AZ? A private pool is worth about a 12% premium. Although, it looks like properties with private pools take an extra 6 days to sell on average.

# of Sales
Avg. DOM
Avg. $/SQFT
Private Pool11140$302.07
Without a Private Pool23134$269.46
% more12.10%

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How do the various subdivisions in Gainey Ranch compare to each other?

Marketing Name
# Sales
Avg. $/SQFT
Avg. DOM
Arroyo Vista at Gainey Ranch2$349.24140
Legend at Gainey Ranch1$321.6225
Sunset Cove at Gainey Ranch1$307.7940
Gainey Ranch9$304.30206
Greens at Gainey Ranch3$269.87257
Oasis at Gainey Ranch3$267.8662
Gainey Village11$263.20106
ENCLAVE at Gainey Ranch1$239.58137
Courts at Gainey Ranch3$235.3954

Feel free to sort any of these columns to get a different look on the data.

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Homes Sold by BUILDER

Of the 34 sales that occurred during the first half of the year in 2014, here is how the results broke down for each builder.

Markland Homes: 12 of the sales were built by Markland Homes
Monterey Homes: 12 of the sales were built by Monterey Homes
Edmunds: 4
Wen-Clay: 2
Cabral Properties: 1
Felkner: 1
Pinnacle Builders: 1
Signature: 1

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